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Pinterest for E-Commerce?

I’m going to assume anyone reading this is familiar with Facebook and Google. But you might not be familiar with Pinterest – despite the fact that it has over 335 million monthly active users.

The numbers speak for themselves:

0 %
of Pinterest searches are unbranded
0 %
of weekly Pinners make purchase decisions on Pinterest.
0 %
of mothers in the US who use the internet are on Pinterest.
0 %
But...Only 23% of marketers use Pinterest!

Learn About How Pinterest Can help grow your e-comm store

Mainly Organically, but paid ads too

Pinterest is a powerful, and underutilized platform. The high buyer intent on Pinterest means you have the potential to make more return on a smaller audience than you will somewhere like Facebook.

The statistics above tell the story. When people consume content on Pinterest, a lot of the time they go ahead and buy. What’s more, a lot of people go on Pinterest specifically to find ideas of things to buy. That puts it at an interesting place between interruption marketing (Facebook) and permission marketing (Amazon).

From reserach to SEO.

Our process starts with thorough research of your niche. We will help you curate existing content and turn it into sexy-looking pins. But we don’t stop there, we’ll load it with essential keywords that help it explode on Pinterest. Then, Pinterest SEO involves optimizing your Pinterest profile, website, your boards & pins with key phrases in order to generate more organic (and, if you wish, paid) traffic from Pinterest.

Pin Design

Our world-class designers will create pins that not only look great, but also stand out via our thorough research of your niche (Think of cool-looking colors & GIFS)

Reach out to a fresh audience

Twitter and Facebook are starting to feel like the old stalwarts of the social media world, Instagram and Snapchat are still chugging along, and platforms like TikTok are gathering momentum with younger audiences — but Pinterest seems to occupy a unique position. It’s not business-centric like LinkedIn, but it’s more about visual curation than anything else. This makes it a fantastic option for finding new people with different interests.

Done for you Services

Your Pinterest Journey

Platform Setup

Ready to start advertising on Pinterest? Leave it to the professionals! Open a Business Pinterest Account, and we'll take care of the rest.

Boards: Design + Development.

We'll create boards around a central theme or topic. You might want one board for products, and another with tutorials on how to use your products. Or, if you have a big range with several different types of product, have one board for each sub-category.

Split-testing & Optimisation

We'll test different creatives, offers, and text copy. Similar to advertising with Facebook, Google to scale and optimize your ad-spent.

Stunning, Professional & High-Converting Pins - ​Tailor-Made By our team of experts

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Klaviyo provides deep data integrations with the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce and Magento. 

The revenue you can make through Klaviyo should be up to 40% of your total revenue and no less than 20% of your total revenue. The strategy we create is based on extensive knowledge and experience. but we cannot guarantee specific results because that depends on too many factors.

It’s as simple as drag & drop! Klaviyo’s visual flow builder enables you to design extremely powerful autoresponders and automation programs with ease. You can also A/B test flows, analyse results and continuously optimise program performance.  

Yes! We can integrate Klaviyo with the most popular pop-up services out there: 

  1. Privy
  2. Optimonk 
  3. Wheelio
  4. JustUno
  5. and more!

A full setup could take anywhere between 2-3 weeks. 

Sure thing! We can migrate all your data from Mailchimp.  

Sure do, just ask us about it on your strategy call. 

Out clients see anywhere between 20-50% extra revenue from email marketing.