SMS Marketing

Fun Fact: 98% of text messages are opened and read.

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What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stands for short message server, or otherwise known as text messages. SMS Marketing, also known as Text Message Marketing is a marketing method that allows businesses use text message to send messages like specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and so forth directly to their audiences’ mobile devices. These permission-based text messages are highly targeted, and are usually opted-in by mobile device users that want to receive text messages from businesses.

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SMS Marketing

With over 1.3 active monthly subscribers, engage with your customers where they spend most of their time. Facebook/instagram. 

Click-Through Rates (CTA)
VS Email 92%
Abandoned Cart Recovery
VS Email 89%
SMS Open Rates
VS Email 95%

Your Success - is our success

$1,541 extra revenue from one messenger campaign

Instant Reach

With an average time of 7 seconds for a message to be opened and read. SMS Messages are revolutionary & allow you to get into your subscribers’ pockets only seconds after you send your text. But more importantly, the average time that it takes for an individual to open your text message after they’ve received it on their mobile device is only 4 minutes. Compare this to 48 hours for email messages.

Highly Effective

SMS is a highly effective form of marketing compared to other forms of marketing. Email marketing produces 22-40% read messages. Twitter produces 29% read tweets. Facebook produces 12% read posts. With SMS Marketing, 91% of US-customers have their cell phones within reach 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, and they open and read 98% of all text messages received.

Coupons at work

Studies have shown that 70% of US Consumers would like to receive SMS Coupons such as special offers and promotions through text message from their favorite businesses. Additionally, SMS Coupons are 10 times more likely to be redeemed and shared than mail or newspaper coupons. In fact, 22% of these SMS Coupons are actually shared with at least 1 friend. With SMS Marketing, the statistics—and results—speak for themselves.