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A new Channel of Communication for your ecommerce store

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Supercharge your Shopify Store with Messenger Marketing

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It's here! IG Automation for your e-comm store

The wait is over IG automation to boost your Shopify store is now here! 

Engage with over 1-billion active Instagram users inside of the Instagram DM!

1.3 Billion Monthly Users

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10-30% More Sales per Month

Chat Marketing At A Glance

Facebook Messenger

With over 1.3 active monthly subscribers, engage with your customers where they spend most of their time. Facebook/instagram. 

Click-Through Rates (CTA)
VS Email 92%
Abandoned Cart Recovery
VS Email 89%
Messenger Open Rates
VS Email 95%

Your Success - is our success

$1,541 extra revenue from one messenger campaign

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