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Welcome Series

Project: Ridel 

Subject Line: ūüö≤ Welcome To RIDEL – Enjoy your 5% OFF ‚áí
Preview Text: Use it before it expires in 72 hours!
Email Content: 
5% off is yours 
We’re impressed.¬†
It took blood, sweat & tears (and some ‘button-mashing’) but you’re finally here – a proud member for our RIDEL community. You’re now ready to begin your new urban adventure¬†

A world where you have an e-bike, where you’re having fun & where you’re transforming your Urban setting is OUR VISION!

And now that you’re part of this ‘funner’ family, here{s what you can expect:¬†

  • The lastest news & recommendations to make your RIDEL your best urban friend¬†
  • Exclusive discounts you’ll be able to redeem before anybody else¬†
  • 24/7 support for any of your RIDEL needs¬†
  • The latest jokes & quotes from our tech guy here at RIDEL

And don’t just take our word for it when it comes to how awesome having a RIDEL is…


Let me put it this way…

I think redeeming your 5% OFF is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! 

CTA: Redeem my 5% off now 

Abandoned Cart

Project: BlingSting

Subject Line: Holy Chic! Your cart is waiting for you
Preview Text: Come back and take another look
Email Content: 
Our Guarantee 
We hope you LOVE your BLINGSTING
If not, you can return it to us within
14 days of purchase for a full refund. 
CTA: Return to your cart 

Browse Abandonment

Project: Storms LA

Subject Line: We know it was first at first sight! 
Email Content: 
First Impressions count, 
but second impressions 
are what really matter 
Get it!
CTA: View product

Blog Post

Project: Yesterday Wellness

Subject Line: {{ first_name}}, you gotta go outside.
Preview Text: It’s been months.
Email Content: 
Why walking in the woods is good for you. 
Did you know that walking in the woods has amazing benefits for your health, Nathan? The Japanese even have a word for ‘forest bathing. It’s called shinrin-yoku. Having some time for yourself in the woods while enjoying the fresh air, scents, and the birds singing not only it’s peaceful but can also improve your physical health, mental wellbeing, and quality of life. The benefits are many! Studies found that it can also help with depression, lower your blood pressure and make your brain work better. We bottled nature. With pure, organic hemp-delivered solutions, you’ll get all of the benefits that Mother Nature can provide for you. Add a little bit of ‘me-time in the forest with Yesterday Wellness and get ready to leave any stress in the past.
CTA: Learn more


Project: Lift Down

Subject Line: Labor Day Sale Sneak Peek! ūüáļūüáł
Preview Text: Up to 25% OFF everything
Email Content: 
Labor Day Early Access 
We’ve all been looking forward to this long weekend! And so you can enjoy the final days of summer outside, we’re releasing an Early Access to the Labor Day Sale. Sit back, relax and choose your new Lift Down colors!
Buy More, Save More!
Buy 1, Get 15% OFF with code LABOR15
Buy 3+, Get 25% OFF with code LABOR25
CTA: Save Up To 25% Off