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3 Must have Automated Email Flows To Use For Ecommerce

Nathan Bendavid | May 2021

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3 Automated Email Flows to Use for Ecommerce

While they might sound complicated, automated email flows are actually very easy to set up. When you’ve chosen the best email marketing platform for your business, you can select from various automated email flow templates and simply customize the rules, channels, and behavior-based triggers that are best suited for your needs.

This ecommerce email automation can lead to huge boosts in sales, such as (spoiler alert) the almighty abandoned Cart or the browse abandonment which are triggered based on an action a customer took  on your site. 

For that reason, learning how to set up automated emails will largely depend on the tool you use and the complexity of the automated workflow. For example, if your chosen email marketing automation tool is not user-friendly, all of the workflows will be complicated to set up.

For the second point: if you want to have a two-email welcome email drip (examples further below), then it will be much easier to set up those automated emails than, for example, an SMS and email order confirmation workflow with an A/B split.

Again, this will largely depend on how user-friendly your chosen tool is, and what kind of flexibility they provide. 

For the most part, if you’re new to email automation, you might not have to immediately learn how to set up automated emails. A good automated email marketing tool will have ready-to-go templates where you’ll only need to edit the content. That will make your drip campaign easier to set up, and you can learn the rest as you go.

That being said, there are a few ecommerce email flows that every online store absolutely needs.

Let’s check out the best email flows that you can use to boost your revenue and increase customer loyalty

#1. Welcome Emails for New Subscribers & Customers

The Good Ol’ welcome email, it greets us warmly and then gives us our very desired discount or offer (such as lead magnet) that we agreed to give our email address in exchange for. Use this flow to send a reminder for the discount & educate about your brand. 

#2. Abandoned Cart Email Automation Flow to Win Back Lost Sales

This one saves over 80% of cart that otherwise would never be recovered and basically lost FOREVER! But seriously, this flow is one of the all-time favorites among eCommerce Stores out there. 

#3. Browse Abandonment Email Automation Flow to Call Them Back To Have another look

To sum up this trinity, you’ve got browse abandonment which basically means sending email reminders to cusomers that only ‘viewed’ a product in your store.